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POP-STAR, 2022

ICONX, 2021-2022

Herobot vs Covid19, David20 
marzo/aprile 2020




                                        POP-EMOTICON 2023

Interlocking plastic cubic tiles, relief mosaics reminiscent of digital mosaics, images taken and processed from sculptural works made of terracotta. The works focus on the complexity and expressiveness of human faces

The works are made up of interlocking plastic cubic tiles (Bits) and form a sort of digital mosaic, they concern famous artists (Pop-Stars) to whom I attribute phrases, jokes, thoughts, ironic, poetic or surreal reflections.


Consisting of interlocking plastic cubic tiles (Bits) that once again form digital mosaics in Pixel Art;  ICONX have 'iconic images' as their common denominator.
In these works, symbols coexist with each other, even if sometimes in opposition, and through new iconologies they lead to surreal, amusing and desecrating sarcasm, reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously.