POP-STAR, 2022

The works are made up of interlocking plastic cubic tiles (Bits) and form a sort of digital mosaic, they concern famous artists (Pop-Stars) to whom I attribute phrases, jokes, thoughts, ironic, poetic or surreal reflections.


ICONX, 2021-2022

Consisting of interlocking plastic cubic tiles (Bits) that once again form digital mosaics in Pixel Art;  ICONX have 'iconic images' as their common denominator.
In these works, symbols coexist with each other, even if sometimes in opposition, and through new iconologies they lead to surreal, amusing and desecrating sarcasm, reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously. 



Herobot vs Covid19, David20 
marzo/aprile 2020

We always need new heroes and new villains to fight, that's why Herobot vs. Covid19 and David20 were born; Obviously, the clear inspirations from Greek myths, Japanese Super Robots, biblical characters and American comic  book heroes make these works, autobiographical works.


Alistar & Pionhero,
Febbraio 2020

Clay becomes a good technique for modelling the brave heroes and heroines of our times, from the visual imagery of the past such as the nineteenth century with its industrial machines with steam engines. Alistar and Pionhero are portraits inspired and reworked in the SteamPunk way. 




The idea of the graphic project was born in 2015 and still today, through images of ancient pre-Hellenic and Greek-Roman works and finds, discovered in the territory and in the seas of the Phlegraean Fields, relive in a playful and ironic re-elaboration. 

A surreal marine world that recalls the genetic and deep link with Classical Culture through an imaginative, inhabited by various types of animals and fantastic marine fauna.  The images created in Sub_Cultura , are direct images, they somehow amuse, make people smile and obviously do not have the pretension of the representations of classical art, but rather, they claim a vision of lightness of intentions as in Pop-Art.  The quotations of words and images are intellectual and not intellectual, they want to semantically make it easy to use and trigger curiosity and interaction for this or that find or ancient fragment that we can go to find and investigate on the Internet or visiting the Archaeological Museum of the Phlegraean Fields or diving into the depths of the underwater park of Baia and so on ...