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Projects since 2010


Hole in the water Project  2010

Foating Land Art Installation, Averno lake

Frankenfish Project 2012  (Tribute to Mary Shelley)

Installation-Sculpture, Averno Lake

exhibition : Knock on the Door of the Underworld VII Ed.

wood and recycled materials  

Grand SteamPunk Tour
Corto Flegreo award special mention


Short film for the web commemoration, on 8 December 2018 at: 18:18, dedicated to the English writer Mary Shelley (author of the novel: "Frankenstein") for the Bicentenary of her coming to the Phlegraean Fields , 8 December 1818.

On the website: 

production of short film Fabio Sarnataro

Premio Corto Flegreo Special Mention I Ed. 2021

Corto Flegreo 03 con Maurizio De Giovanni.jpg
Corto Flegreo 02 con Ohara Borselli.jpg

Handover of work to
Maurizio Casagrande

Charity evening, 16 April 2016 , Rama

16 aprile 2016_edited.jpg
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