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born in 1970

The artist lives in the surroundings of the Gulf of Naples known as Campi Flegrei.

He teaches Art and Image; he is a student of the Master and Poet Michele Sovente in Contemporary Literature at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.  

Becho_Caravaggio 1990_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Patrizia Capuano, Il Mattino 2017

"Becho's exhibition in the Phlegraean Fields!

[...]The intention is to create

through images of ancient works found in the Phlegraean Fields, paintings sculptures, mosaics, creating the marine world of Sub Culture."

Antonio Cangiano, Il 2017

"In the Phlegraean Fields, the first Home Like Gallery in the South".


Salute Buongiorno Magazine, 2020

Special Art by Emiliana Chiarolanza.

Becho's byte generation.

"On the one hand there is the weight of the material and on the other the Pindaric flight through personal and reconsidered time of the sculptor and "craftsman" Becho[...].

Then the pixels of a photo resemble an ancient mosaic and we ourselves reiterate our temporal identity in the mirrors of the actualities of each present."

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